Peer-reviewed articles

Year: 2019

Authors: M. Teixeira, P. Terrinha, C. Roque, M. Rosa, G. Ercilla, D. Casas

Journal: Marine Geology 410, 88 – 108

Year: 2019

Authors: P. Terrinha, H. Duarte, P. Brito, J. Noiva, C. Ribeiro, R. Omira, M. A. Baptista, M. Miranda, V. Magalhães, C. Roque 

Journal: Marine Geology 416, xx – xx

Conference papers

Tsunami hazard induced by a newly discovered landslide in the Tagus delta off Lisbon (Portugal)

Year: 2019

Authors: I. Ramalho, R. Omira, P. Terrinha, C. Ribeiro

Conference: EGU General Assembly, Vol. 21, EGU2019-8677, 2019

50 years of the 28th February 1969 earthquake and tsunami in the North East Atlantic

Year: 2019

Authors: M. A. Baptista, J. M. Miranda, R. Omira

Conference: AGU Fall Meeting, NH43E0985

Tsunami Hazard in Madeira Island from subaerial landslide: The 1930 event

Year: 2019

Authors: M. A. Baptista,  R. Omira., I. Ramalho, R. Quartau

Conference: International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), IUGG19-2151. 

Submarine landslide recurrence and links to seismicity on the Gorringe Bank Seamount, Offshore Portugal

Year: 2020

Authors: D. Gamboa, R. Omira, P. Terrinha, A. Piedade

Conference: EGU General Assembly, EGU2020-9031

Geotechnical properties of marine sediments in the SW Iberia Margin – Implications to marine geohazards

Year: 2020

Authors: A. Piedade, N. Santos, L. Lemos, C. Roque, M. Quinta-Ferreira, I. Ramalho, R. Omira 

Conference: EGU General Assembly, EGU2020-11327

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2019 MAGICLAND Consortium

Project ID: PTDC/CTA-GEO/30381/2017
Project acronym: MAGICLAND
Project title: Marine geo-hazards induced by underwater landslides in the SW Iberian Margin
Starting date: 1 January 2019
Duration: 36 months

This project  received funding from FCT